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First Impressions: The Canon Eos R50 Is a Must-Have Entry-Level Camera for Vloggers and Streamers!

The R8 for aspiring photographers and videographers and, of course, the R50 for vloggers and streamers are two brand-new cameras from Canon that are ideal for content creators.

The Canon EOS R50, which is available in black and white, has new, clever creative features and capabilities like Advanced A+, which improves portraits taken at night or in backlight, Creative Bracket, which creates multiple versions of a shot using various filters, and Subject Blur Guide, which aids in panning practice.

Canon EOS R50

The R50’s Image Stabilization, which is optimized for portable vlogging, and the ability to conduct high-quality live streams with just one USB cable are what vloggers and streamers will find most fascinating. Videos may upload to social media fast and easily since the process of transferring from camera to smartphone is also made simpler and less complicated.

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We were most struck by how simple it is to vlog with the R50 during our hands-on experience with Canon, especially when you’re attempting to showcase a product or an item on camera. The camera was able to recognize and track persons moving in the picture and automatically and swiftly adjust focus to the topic nearest to the camera in one fluid take. See our hands-on video for additional information. The Canon EOS R50 will go on sale by the end of March.

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